Happy 36th Birthday, James Franco!

Breaking Bad Season 5 (Part 2) Gag Reel (x)


"I love that towards the end, Walt’s there to go on a suicide mission and blow everyone up, including Jesse, but he sees what they have put him through. His hair’s super long, he’s vacant. There is not a soul in him anymore, and [Walt] decides that he deserves a second chance, so he dives on him. He throws himself in front of a bullet for him — and it’s kind of beautiful.- Aaron Paul
"At least there was some conclusion to their association. Their friendship did matter. And it was because of that history and friendship, that was the basis of his impulsivity. Because otherwise it would just be, ‘Jesus, look at that guy, that poor bastard.’ but I’m not going to risk my life for some stranger. There is more than familiarity. It’s deep-rooted. And it’s so true. Because sometimes you don’t know the depth of what you feel until you’re tested.- Bryan Cranston


First and last look, they Broke us pretty Bad.

James Franco by Mona Kuhn

Happy New Year!

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